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Major Scale CAGED System

Major Scale CAGED System diagram

Major Scale CAGED System

These patterns fill in the blanks of the Major Pentatonic CAGED System. The formula for the Major Pentatonic is 1, M2, M3, P5, M6 (root, major second, major third, perfect fifth, and major sixth of the Major scale). If we add the perfect fourth and major seventh to this formula then we have the formula for the Major scale (1, M2, M3, P4, P5, M6, M7).

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Major Pentatonic CAGED System

CAGED Major Pentatonic diagram

CAGED Major Pentatonic

You can build upon the CAGED System by integrating the Major Pentatonic scale. There are five notes in the scale, which produce five modes. Each mode starts on a different interval of the scale. The image above shows the five patterns/modes of the Major Pentatonic scale.

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