Major Scale CAGED System diagram

Major Scale CAGED System

These patterns fill in the blanks of the Major Pentatonic CAGED System. The formula for the Major Pentatonic is 1, M2, M3, P5, M6 (root, major second, major third, perfect fifth, and major sixth of the Major scale). If we add the perfect fourth and major seventh to this formula then we have the formula for the Major scale (1, M2, M3, P4, P5, M6, M7).

You can apply these patterns in the same way that you can apply the Major Pentatonic patterns while leading over top of a relative chord in any given position. For example, you could use the C PATTERN in the image above to play melodies in the key of C Major over top of a C Major chord in the open position. The fret numbers used in the diagram indicate the positions for C Major. These positions will be different when you apply the patterns to other Major scales.

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Jeremy Driscoll